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Movie Fun Rating (1-5)
Darwin Awards
This is a Funny Site! Some of the Dumb Stuff People Do!!
Fun Trivia (Movie Trivia!!)
A great Movie Triva Site / Create Your Own Login and Keep Score of how Smart You Are!! If you Find a Great Trivia Question Send it to Us!!
The Easter Egg Archive
Want to know some hidden goofs or behind the scene facts to your favorite movies?? Try out this site!
Movie Information Sites Rating (1-5)
American Council of the Blind
List of Dvd's with Descriptive audio
Look and See if the movie is good to watch with Parents!
Internet Movie Data Base
Best site we have found for all around information on movies.
Kids in Mind
Maclaren School uses for Subject Matter and Ratings
Taste Dive
Gives recommendations to your favorite movies
Video ETA
Curious about when that certain movie is making its debut to video?? Try out this site for the answers to your questions.
Schools Rating (1-5)

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